Instruction for authors

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The Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade started publishing a journal of a national importance under the title “RECYCLING AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” during 2008. The journal “RECYCLING AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” (RSD) publishes original scientific, expert and review papers from the fields of scientific, engineering as well as social and humanitarian sciences which have not been published before.

Submitting papers:

All correspondence, including the mailing of manuscripts, notifications about the decision of the editor as well as the requests for revisions, will be done through the office e-mail address

Prof. dr Milan Trumić, editor-in-chief

Technical faculty in Bor,
University in Belgrade,
Department of Mineral and Recycling
Vojske Jugoslavije 12, 19210 Bor, Serbia
Phone/Fax: +381 30 421 749

Prof. dr Grozdanka Bogdanović, editor-in-chief

Technical faculty in Bor,
University in Belgrade,
Department of Mineral and Recycling
Vojske Jugoslavije 12, 19210 Bor, Serbia
Phone: +381 30 424 555

Applying papers imply that:
  • Papers have not been previously published (except in the form of abstracts extracts or on the whole at a scientific meeting
  • It has not been in the procedure of publishing at some other place
  • It will not be published to some other place in the same form, in English or some other language

If the paper has already been presented, as a whole or partially, at a scientific congress or meeting, it should be stated in the footnote on the title page.
All papers are subjected to reader’s report (review). The authors are asked most kindly to submit all details about contacts, including their e-mail addresses, with three potential reviewers. The reviewers should be from the given field of the paper and not in relation with the institution the author comes from. The final choice of the reviewer is up to the editors completely.

Manuscript preparation:

Language: The journal comes out once a year, in Serbian. The papers of foreign authors are published in English.

Text preparation: Papers must be prepared in MS WORD, font Times New Roman, font size of 12 pt, line spacing of double with the margin of 2,5 cm, A4 paper format. The text is to be prepared into a single-column format. All manuscript pages, Tables, Figure and literature are to be marked with numbers.

General format: The paper should contain the following: the title page, an extract (abstract) in Serbian and English, the key words in Serbian and English, the text, acknowledgments (optional), enclosures (supplements-optional), the nomenclature, the literature, names of Tables and Figures.

The Title page: The title page should contain the title in Serbian (block letters, font 12 pt bold), and in English (block letters font 12 pt bold italic), names and family names of authors and coauthors with the indicated Arabic numerals in the superscript, behind the name and before the appropriate address. There should be clearly indicated the person for correspondence in the process of reviewing, publishing and after publishing the paper. The person for correspondence should have a mark with an asterisk. In the footnote, to give e-mail address, the phone and fax number of the person for correspondence. The title should be short and clearly to describe the content of the paper.

Abstract/Extract: The second page contains the abstract in Serbian and English from 150 to 200 words containing a short overview of the most important results. In the end of the abstract/extract in a special line give 4 to 6 key words in order to make easier indexation and on-line search.

Text: The text should contain: Introduction, Theoretical part (if necessary), Experimental work, Results and discussion and finally Conclusion. Quoting literature in the text is to be marked by Arabic numerals in square brackets by the regular order of appearing (for example, [1, 2 – 4]. Authors should make a clear difference between the main titles and subtitles.

Introduction: Introduction should contain the previous investigations with the appropriate elaboration of the literature, problems in the investigation and the aim of the paper.

Theoretical part: It is given if it is necessary for the description of the theoretic basis used in the paper such as a model and alike.

Experimental part: Material and the method of working which have been used, should be clearly and in details described so that other investigators can repeat the investigation. Only new techniques should be described in details while for the already known ones, it is enough to quote the appropriate literature.

Results and discussions: The results of the paper are to be presented precisely and to make clear the discussion by using Tables and illustrations. The importance of results should be discussed without repeating the text from the introductory part. It is obligatory to give an adequate indicator about the level of experimental error as well as the statistical importance of results. The number of illustrations, graphics and formulae should be reduced to minimum.

Conclusion: It should point out the important contribution of the paper to its application.

Nomenclature: If in the text are used symbols, letters or abbreviations, they should be quoted with explanations.

Units: Standard SI symbols should be used

Abbreviations should be quoted when the term to be shorten appears for the first time, for example: air conditioning (AC).

Figures must be quoted in a consecutive numerical order in the text line: Figure 1, Figure 2, etc., followed by a proper positioning in the text, designing the number and title under the Figure itself. Figures are to be sent in a special file in the original format (BMP, GIF or JPG) and the resolution should be adjusted to printing.

Tables must have particular titles and must be numbered in order in the text, as is the case: Table 1, Table 2, etc. Tables should not repeat the data which can be found in other parts of the manuscript.

Acknowledgment and gratitude for the cooperation can be included in the article in the footnote on the title page. Keep in mind the financing sources for investigations.

References must be arranged according to the sequence of quoting in the text and written in the following form:

Journal: [Number] (fits the number in the text), Family name, Initials of the name of the author. Title of the paper, Title of the journal (italic) Year of publishing (bold), number of volume (number of the journal) (italic), page from page – to.

[1] Trumic, M., Magdalinovic, N; New model of screening kinetics. Minerals Engineering 2011, 24 (1),
42 – 49.

Book/Monograph: [Number] (fits the number in the text), family name, Initials of the name of the author; Title of the book (italic); Publisher: Place publishing, Year of publishing.

[2] Bogdanovic, G., Antonijevic, M., (2011) Behaviour and oxidation of chalcopyrite in water media, Bor: University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty in Bor.

Internet source: [Number] (fits the number in the text), link pages from which the text is overtaken, date of overtaking it [3],overtaken 23.12.2011.

Acknowledgment: as minimal as possible

Formulae and equations: They must be written carefully by using appropriate tools in MS Word “Equation Editor”. Make a difference between the figure “one” and the letter “I” as well as the figure “zero” and the letter “O”. Do not use a small letter “o” as well as figure “zero”. Equations are to be numbered by this order: (1), (2)…

Additional Information:

Process of reviewing: All manuscripts are sent for an assessment at least to two independent reviewers. The final decision on accepting the paper is made by the chief and responsible editors.

Paging: Before putting it on the website and its printing, the paging of the paper (proof) in PDF format will be sent by e-mail to the author stated for the correspondence for the sake of checking and correcting the noticed printing errors of the prepared text.

Copies of the paper versions of the journal: Hard copy of the journal with published paper can be ordered for the price of 25 € + shipping and handling, in the dinar’s equivalent value. For getting a invoice with payment instructions, please contact us by email